Decluttering Journal and Planner



93-page Watercolor design decluttering journal and planner

*No physical product is sent — Digital Download

What do you get?
Getting ready journal (14 pages)
7 page repeated planner for each section:
First glance inventory
Visualize the area
Items to sell
Items to donate
Items to keep matrix
I still to do…
Now I feel…

Colorful dividers by room and by subsection:
Bedroom – Bedside & Dressing Table, Dresser/Chest of Drawers, Under the Bed, Wardrobes, Shoes, Bags & Accessories

Bathroom – Bathroom Sinks, Baths & Showers, Bathroom Storage, Medicines & Toiletries, Linen Cabinet

Kitchen – Kitchen Sink, Food Cabinets, Utensils & Cutlery, Pots & Pans, Fridge, Freezer, Containers & Crockery

Kids – Clothes, Toys & Games, Arts & Crafts, Books

Bit & Bobs – Storage Areas, Memorabilia, Shed, Garage & Garden, Books & Magazines, Movies & Music, Paperwork, Technology & Gadgets

Spare Rooms

All pages standard letter size 8.5 X 11″


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