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Spiritual Self-Care Through Prayer

Life can get pretty hectic and it can be difficult to make space for prayer. But if you want to deepen your relationship with God (whichever God you believe in), it's important to make that time for prayer each day. Prayer isn't something we have to do out of obligation, but rather an opportunity to draw closer to God and experience His presence.

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I know my blog is all about executive functioning, but you know I also talk about self-care. Sometimes I get into some of the woo-woo stuff and it might not be for you, and that’s okay. But I would be remiss in talking about self-care if I avoided spiritual self-care.

I was raised Catholic. I’m not a practicing Catholic, but when I talk about prayer, my default is to think about the Christian God. So, that’s how this post is structured. But, what I say can be applied to whatever religion you believe in.

Spiritual self-care through prayer

Making time for prayer

We’re all busy. Our days are filled with meetings and work and chauffeuring kids around. If you’re religious, you probably have a day set aside for worship, but making time for prayer every day can make a difference in your spiritual well-being.

A simple way to start making prayer a part of your daily routine is to set reminders to pause for a moment and pray. You can do this at any time of day, and as often as you'd like. Once you've established this habit, it'll become second nature, and you'll be able to add even more opportunities to pray throughout the day.

The first step is to prioritize prayer by making it a daily habit. Praying for just five minutes every morning or evening can help you feel much more focused and calm. Keep in mind that prayer doesn’t have to be kneeling at your bedside or sitting cross-legged in an empty room. Find a place that gives your comfort where you can have a few moments to talk to God.

Here are some ways to incorporate more prayer in your day:

Morning routine:

Start your day off right by carving out a few moments to focus on your spiritual well-being. Find a peaceful activity that works for you, such as reading a Scripture passage or meditating for five minutes, and make it part of your morning routine. Scripture reading can offer you comfort or guidance for your day. You may be surprised how much more focused and calm you feel after getting in touch with God.

Whenever you hear a siren:

As we go throughout our day, we often hear the sirens of an ambulance, fire truck, or police car. Those sounds indicate someone is in trouble. You can use the sirens as an auditory cue to pray. You can say a prayer for those who are in need at that moment.



Many people were raised to say grace or give thanks at mealtimes. It's a great way to pause and reflect on the day while expressing your gratitude. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are perfect times to catch up with family and thank God for the abundance you have in life.

Apps and reminders:

Today's technology can be a great resource when it comes to staying on top of your spiritual practice. Try setting up reminders or alarms on your phone to take time out of your day to pause and offer thanks.

Or, if you're looking for an extra boost, you could download a prayer app like “The Daily Prayer App.” It will provide daily prayers tailored to your needs. It can also be used to keep a journal of your thoughts and prayers – so no matter how busy life gets, you always have time for your practice.

Don't be afraid to use technology to your advantage and keep your spirit alive!

Follow your intuition:

It's not always easy to know when to reach out to someone, but if you're feeling the urge, then it's possible that the Spirit is telling you to do so. Let that person know you’re thinking about them. Show your support with a prayer and you'll be surprised at how far it can go.

During mindless activities:

While many activities we do during the day require our full attention, like driving, others are more mindless. When you’re doing physical activities like cooking, working out, folding laundry, mowing the lawn, or doing the dishes, why not use this time for contemplation and prayer as well? Any time you have a task that is repetitive and doesn’t require your focus is good. It's a great way to have a more meaningful conversation with God.

Evening routine:

Take an hour of your evening to spend quality time with your family in prayer, even if it means lying down on the floor! Evenings tend to be busier with activities and homework, but taking some time for prayer as a family can create more calm.

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Taking a few moments to reflect on what God has been teaching you, or to read some of your favorite verses, before you drift off to sleep can be an incredibly calming practice. It's a great way to reconnect with God and to end your day on a peaceful note.

Making prayer an important part of your bedtime routine can help you get to sleep faster, while also deepening your relationship with God.

In conclusion, finding time for prayer throughout the day is a worthwhile endeavor. It can be easy to get distracted and overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities of life. Taking a few moments each day to pause and connect with God can help to bring peace, perspective, and strength. With a bit of effort and commitment, we can all make prayer part of our daily routine.

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