Tarot Card Myths and Facts

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and have been used by many cultures for a variety of purposes from fortunetelling to card games to spiritual guidance. There are many myths about tarot and those who practice it. Let’s look at some tarot card myths and facts.

What is Tarot?

Today, people mostly use tarot cards as a form of divination and to answer questions about themselves, their relationships, careers, or anything else they might be unsure of. Tarot cards use symbolism from various cultures to tell a story to help you in making decisions. They are also used for self-improvement and creativity.

A typical tarot deck has 78 cards and can be used as a tool for growth and empowerment. Tarot can help you have a better understanding of yourself and can help guide you on your spiritual journey.

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Before we jump into the myths and facts about tarot, you’re probably asking what the heck this has to do with executive functioning. Directly, absolutely nothing. Reading tarot cards does not increase your executive function skills at all.

Why am I talking about it then? Because part of having a positive mindset and taking care of yourself is addressing your spirituality. I’m not saying tarot is the answer for you. What I am saying is that you should explore your beliefs and spirituality as a form of self-care.

So, if this is something that doesn’t interest you because you have your belief system established, stop reading. I don’t want you to waste your time. You can spend this time working on something else. However, if you’re interested in learning more about tarot, keep on.

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Tarot card myths and facts

Myths and Facts about Tarot

Myth: Tarot cards are evil

Fact: Tarot is about using your energy and intuition

This one is probably the most prevalent myth. As someone who has spent time with many devout, fundamentalist Christians, I’ve heard this a lot. Tarot cards are not evil and do not conjure demons.

The cards don’t bring bad energy, people do. If you’re scared of using tarot cards, it might be worth exploring why that is.

Tarot cards aren’t meant to be a complete guide; they are a tool to aid in guiding you. If they make you uncomfortable, you should focus more on what the reading has shown instead of the cards themselves.

Reading tarot involves using your intuition to be able to interpret the cards and their meanings. It can give you clarity about situations in your life.

Myth: You have to memorize all of the cards

Fact: You don’t need any special skills to read tarot

All you need is a desire to learn and the patience to practice. You have to be open-minded to learn and understand the tarot. Listen to your intuition and let it guide you.

Memorizing the cards and their meanings can be a good way to learn about tarot, but it’s not necessary. Memorization can also make readings faster.

However, meanings can change over time and with individual readers. The cards are interdependent on one another, so it’s about understanding how the cards relate. Understanding the relationships between cards—which are similar and which are opposites—makes it easier to make sense of a situation when doing a reading.

Many decks come with a book or guide to explain the meaning of each card. As you give a reading, you can look up the meanings of the cards displayed.

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Myth: Tarot is used to tell the future

Fact: One of the original purposes was a game

Tarot cards cannot tell the future. The cards are a tool to help interpret a present or future situation. Just like with any tool you employ, you should know how to use it correctly or the results will be inadequate.

Tarot cards were used to play a game called Tarocchi, which is like Bridge. It was played by wealthy people during the Renaissance.

Bonus fact: Tarot can be used for meditation

A tarot reading can reduce anxiety in some people. This is because in order to practice tarot, you need to be in a different mindset. You need to have a clear mind, and worrying about the weight of daily stresses inhibits that.

The energy used for tarot reading can be harnessed for meditation. Using a favorite deck can help you use calm energy. It can help you prepare your mind for meditation. For people who have a hard time with quiet meditation, tarot might be a good warm-up for you.

Myth: You shouldn’t read your own cards

Fact: Reading for yourself is different from reading for others, but it can be done. You have to learn to be unbiased and use energy instead of emotions. For many of us, that’s a tough thing to do. If you are able to accomplish this, then you can read for yourself. Be sure to be precise and decipher the meanings of the cards.

Myth: You shouldn’t buy your own deck

Fact: Because tarot is a spiritual practice that involved understanding yourself and the energy you give off, picking your own deck can sometimes be more helpful than being given one. Buying your own deck allows you to pick one that resonates with you. Choose one that has symbols and meanings that connect with you.

Myth: The death card means you will die

Fact: The death card rarely represents actual death. It normally refers to something coming to an end. It might be a job, a hobby, or a relationship. This card is about accepting the loss of something. It can also signify a new beginning.

Hopefully debunking some of these tarot card myths has helped you understand more about them. Most often these myths are spread by people who don’t understand the practice.

There are many ways to use tarot as part of your spiritual development. Tarot can provide insight into your life and give you a place to start your journey.

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