Easy Ways to Organize without Overwhelm

EF Bomb Coach

For many people, organization is often the last thing on their minds because they don’t consider it a priority. However, if you struggle with executive functioning, your lack of organization stands out because you can never find the things you need.

Why do you struggle with organization?

Getting organized is one thing, but actually staying organized in the long-term is something else entirely. Keeping up with it becomes a struggle because you don't have a system or routine that works for you.

The Problem

Keep Your Mail Sorted

Mail tends to be one of the most cluttered and chaotic areas of the home. Go paperless when possible. For everything else, find a basket and keep it in a designated area for ALL mail. Weekly, sort between different types of mail, like bills and invoices, magazines, letters, personal mail, and anything else you receive, and handle it.

Tip 1

Use a Weekly Meal Plan

Having a meal plan has many benefits. In addition to not having to grocery shop more than once a week, you’ll also save money and eat healthier meals. On your fridge, or near it, have a whiteboard for a grocery list. Have a calendar to plan meals for the week. Create a master list of all the meals your family likes so when you're stuck, you can choose from the list. Finally, get the family involved.

Tip 2

Stop Shopping the Sales

While it is great to save money on items you really need right then, people often shop sales and end up with things they never even use or want. Don’t shop sales just because you can save a little money, including those big annual sales. It isn’t worth it if you don’t have a use for these items, and more importantly, a place for them in your home.

Tip 3

Find Your Preferred Organization System

This is one of the most important things you can do to organize your life. Everyone has a different system for what they want to be more organized in their life and home, and what tools they will use. Find what works for you.

Tip 4

Create a Master  To-Do List

A master to-do list is a type of to-do list that includes everything in your life you want or need to get done. It’s the ultimate brain dump. The great thing about having a master to-do list is that it keeps all those lists you have bouncing around in your head in one place. Use the list to remember things you need to buy, errands you have to run, or home projects you need to get done.

Tip 5

Write Everything Down

Get into the habit of writing things down whenever you think of them. Whether it is something that goes on your master to-do list, or a new routine you want to try out, this can be really helpful for life organization.

Tip 6

A Designated Place for Everything

When you have a designated place for items in your home, you start associating that item with where it belongs. It becomes second nature to instantly put it away right after using it. This helps you maintain the organization you've established.

Tip 7

Be Consistent with Decluttering

Decluttering will likely occur more than organization. Organizing usually refers to setting up a system for the first time. Then, you just have to maintain it. However, decluttering is something you have to do repeatedly and regularly, otherwise, things become chaotic and disorganized very easily.

Tip 8

15-Minute Declutter Sprints

A 15-minute time limit enables you to focus on just this one task without procrastinating or being distracted by other things. With only 15 minutes to get everything done, you’re motivated to do it during that short period of time. 

Tip 9


Consider creating a digital album to store all of your pictures.


Email is often overwhelming. Consider creating folders to help organize messages as they come in.

Don’t Forget About Digital Organizing

Organization is not just about physical items in your living space that require organization. You should also be decluttering and organizing your digital files, email accounts, photos, and anything else on your computer or digital devices.